Texas Loan Limits in 2018: Maximum Amount for VA, FHA and Conforming

Below, you will find the 2018 conforming, FHA and VA loan limits for all counties in Texas. On the conforming side, there is a single maximum amount for every county in the state. (This applies to VA loans as well, since those limits are aligned with conforming.) But on the FHA side, the loan limits vary from one county to the next due to home-price variations.

Conforming Limits for Texas

Texas conforming loan limits are established by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). These maximum amounts apply to conventional mortgage loans that are not insured by the government. The maximum 2018 conforming loan limit in Texas is $453,100, for a single-family home. There are higher caps for multi-family properties, as shown in the table below.

Here are the 2018 conforming loan limits for all Texas counties:

1-Unit 2-Unit 3-Unit 4-Unit
$453,100 $580,150 $701,250 $871,450

Notes: The “1-unit” column applies to single-family homes. Most “typical” home buyers fall into this category. The other three columns are for multi-family / multi-unit properties, such as duplex, triplex, etc. The loan limits shown above apply to all counties in Texas, including the major metros of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Forth Worth and El Paso.

Maximum VA Mortgage Amount

As they’ve done for the last couple of years, the Department of Veterans Affairs will use the conforming loan limits established by the FHFA in 2018. This means that borrowers in Texas who want to use a VA-guaranteed home loan will encounter the same limits shown above.

The 2018 VA loan limit for all Texas counties is $453,100.

Note: The Department of Veterans Affairs does not put a cap on how much a person can borrow. That’s up to the mortgage lender. But the Department does limit the amount of liability they can assume, which usually affects the amount of money a bank or mortgage lender will lend to you. So the VA loan limits for Texas represent “the amount a qualified Veteran with full entitlement may be able to borrow without making a downpayment,” according to the official website.

FHA Loan Limits in 2018

Update: View 2018 FHA limits for Texas

The 2018 FHA loan limits for Texas are a bit more complicated. Unlike the conforming and VA categories above, there is no single FHA lending cap that applies to the entire state. Instead, these caps vary from one county to the next. For most of the state, the 2017 FHA lending limit is $294,515 for a single-family home. But the caps are higher in counties with higher home prices, including most metro areas like Austin, Dallas and Houston. Use the link above to find FHA loan limits for all Texas counties in 2018.

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