Meet Your Mortgage Blog Content Writer

I'm a mortgage blog content writer with 17 years of experience. I've worked with clients of all sizes, from individual brokers to large companies like SoFi. I can help you increase your website visibility and traffic levels, so you can grow your business. Feel free to email me your questions.

Mortgage Website & Blog Content

Good website content can help you attract people to your website through search engines like Google and Yahoo. High-quality content can also keep people on your site longer, which could make them more inclined to contact you about your services. In other words, it helps with lead generation.

But writing original content for your mortgage website can take a lot of time and energy. And you're busy with a hundred other things. That's where I come in. As a professional mortgage content writer, I can produce well-written, engaging articles for your website or blog, to help you grow your audience.

What you get with this service:

  • 100% unique and original content written just for you
  • Content that's tailored to your specific audience, location, niche, etc.
  • Topic selection based on 17+ years of research, data and experience
  • Editing and optimization to ensure your articles show up in search engines
  • A trusted advisor to help you elevate your mortgage website to the next level

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Built in

I apply search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals and best practices to all of the mortgage website / blog content I produce. I write, edit and format each article in a way that maximizes search engine visibility, without sacrificing readability. This can greatly improve your website's visibility and traffic level over time.

Topic selection is another factor that sets me apart from other mortgage content writers and writing services. Some companies will require you to provide topics for your website articles or blog posts. I can actually choose topics for you, based on 17 years of industry insight and data.

Over the years, I've published countless mortgage and home-buying articles, for clients and also for my own websites. Most of those articles were analyzed and evaluated from a performance angle. So I know which topics are most popular with your potential clients — and how to write engaging mortgage content around those topics.

My Experience as a Mortgage Content Writer

Brandon Cornett headshot

I've been researching and writing about the real estate and mortgage industries for nearly two decades. You won't find another mortgage content writer or writing service that offers a combination of industry knowledge and content marketing experience.

Summary of my background and experience:

  • Creator of the Home Buying Institute, one of the most popular informational websites for home buyers.
  • Seventeen years' experience writing about mortgage trends, home buying topics, real estate market news, etc.
  • Developed content for dozens of industry clients, including SoFi, Realtor associations, national mortgage companies, and more.
  • Wrote hundreds of widely cited real estate news stories over 15 years
  • Strong background in search engine optimization, writing, editing and blogging.

Web Content Pricing & Logistics

For simplicity, I've priced my content and consulting service on a per-article basis. The cost is $85 / $100 per blog post, depending on the delivery method:

$85 per article, if I deliver it to you by email.

$100 per article, if I post it onto your blog for you.

The above fees include the following:

  • Research your local market and loan niche to identify key trends.
  • Create informative, in-depth blog posts ranging from 700 – 1,000 words.
  • Edit each article to give it a professional, journalistic quality.
  • Optimize your blog posts with the latest Google-approved methods.
  • Deliver your content by email or publish it onto your blog for you.
  • Advise you on best practices in collateral areas, like SEO.

Questions? If you have questions or you're ready to hire an experienced mortgage content writer, please email me at