Arizona FHA Loan Limits 2021: Phoenix, Tucson, Maricopa County, etc.

The 2021 FHA loan limits for all Arizona counties were increased in response to rising home prices. Federal housing officials announced this change at the end of 2020. Below, you can find the maximum FHA mortgage amount for all counties of Arizona, and for major metro areas like Phoenix and Tucson.

2021 FHA Loan Limits for Arizona

The table below shows the FHA loan limit / maximum mortgage amount for all Arizona counties in 2021. This table is based on data provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

There are different limits for different property types. The “1-Family” column applies to regular single-family homes and condos. The “2-Family” column applies to duplex-style properties, and so on.

Note: If you’re a home buyer in Arizona purchasing a single-family home with an FHA loan, refer to the “1-Family” column for your specific county.

APACHE$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
COCHISE$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
COCONINO$389,850 $499,050 $603,250 $749,700 
GILA$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
GRAHAM$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
GREENLEE$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
LA PAZ$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
MARICOPA$368,000 $471,100 $569,450 $707,700 
MOHAVE$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
NAVAJO$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
PIMA$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
PINAL$368,000 $471,100 $569,450 $707,700 
SANTA CRUZ$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
YAVAPAI$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 
YUMA$356,362 $456,275 $551,500 $685,400 

In most of Arizona’s counties, the 2021 FHA loan limit or maximum mortgage size is $356,362. There are three exceptions to that. In Coconino County, which includes the Flagstaff area, the 2021 FHA loan limit went up to $389,850. And in Maricopa and Pinal counties (the Phoenix metro area), the maximum FHA mortgage amount for 2021 is $368,000.

Maximum Mortgage Amount in Phoenix / Maricopa County

Maricopa County comprises some of Arizona’s most populous cities, including Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix and Scottsdale. That means for most home buyers across the state, the 2021 FHA loan limit will be $368,000.

That is the maximum mortgage amount when using a home loan that is insured through the Federal Housing Administration, within the Phoenix area.

Maricopa and Pinal counties have higher FHA loan limits than most other Arizona counties, because home prices are higher there. In fact, aside from Flagstaff, the Phoenix metro area has some of the highest home values in the state. Thus, it has a higher maximum FHA mortgage amount for 2021.

Home Prices Rising Steadily Across the State

The loan limit increases mentioned above were made in response to significant home-price gains that occurred during 2020. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn, house values across Arizona (and most of the country) rose at a steady pace last year.

As a result, we are seeing higher loan limits in 2021 that the year before — for FHA and conventional mortgage products.

The Phoenix area, in particular, has experienced tremendous home-price gains over the past year or so. As we wrote in a related report, house values in the Phoenix area climbed by double digits during 2020, with additional gains expected this year.

This is why the maximum FHA mortgage amount for Arizona counties went up from 2020 into 2021. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which oversees the FHA loan program, reviews home-price trends annually and sometimes makes adjustments to their mortgage limits. That was the case at the end of 2020, when they announced the higher FHA limits for 2021.

Mortgage Rates Remain Favorable, for Now

There is more good news on the mortgage front. In addition to having higher FHA loan limits in 2021, Arizona home buyers will be able to take advantage of very low mortgage rates. For a while, at least.

During the first week of January, the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage loan sank to an all-time record low of 2.65%. That was its lowest level in roughly 50 years, according to Freddie Mac.

This is a noteworthy trend that has captured the attention of home buyers and mortgage shoppers nationwide. Buyers in Arizona and across the country are racing to take advantage of low rates. In fact, this is partly what sustained the real estate market throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The bottom line: borrowers in Arizona who use an FHA loan in 2021 will have a higher maximum mortgage amount to work with, along with low interest rates. From that perspective, 2021 could be a good time to buy a house in Arizona with an FHA-insured mortgage loan.

But buyers might want to act with a sense of urgency. Home values in Phoenix and across much of the state are expected to continue climbing in the coming months, possibly outpacing the national average. Those who postpone their purchases until later this year could encounter higher housing costs.

Disclaimer: The Arizona FHA loan limits shown in the table above were carried over from the Department of Housing and Urban Development website. We strive to ensure the accuracy of all content posted on this site. Even so, there’s always a slight chance for clerical errors. We encourage you to verify the maximum FHA mortgage amount for your Arizona county by using the HUD website.