About Us: All Loan Limits Within Two Clicks

LoanLimits.org is an educational website for mortgage borrowers and lenders. This website provides loan limits for all counties in the United States, for conforming, VA and FHA products.

A Single Source for All Loan Limits

Loan limits are confusing to the average home buyer. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, there are different limits for different types of loans (FHA, conventional, etc.).

Additionally, the maximum limits vary from one county to the next, and they are updated on an irregular basis. Some years they are changed, while other years they are simply carried over unchanged.

That’s not to mention all of the outdated information found on the web these days.

LoanLimits.org is designed to clear up the confusion. This website give you access to loan limits for all three primary mortgage products — conforming, VA and FHA. It compiles all of the related government documents in one place. It is a convenient research tool for mortgage borrowers and lenders alike.

Meet the Managing Editor

LoanLimits.org is a joint effort between internet publishers and mortgage experts. The project is led by Brandon Cornett, who serves as managing editor for the website and all content published therein.

Brandon Cornett headshotBrandon is a veteran real estate writer and creator of the Home Buying Institute. He has been writing about home buying and mortgage-related topics for a decade, with citations from Time magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg and many others.

In addition to managing the loan limits project, Brandon also provides consulting services for clients within the mortgage industry. He teaches mortgage professionals how to grow their businesses through blogging, PR, and other content-based strategies. If you have questions about our consulting services, please let us know.